,,Hand-drawn playing Pernowka cards bring you the mysterious atmosphere of the woods in the Bohemian Highlands and the ancient wisdom of their native inhabitants."

I am glad you follow this project. My name is Luke Tomski and I’m an illustrator from the Tomski & Polanski studio. It is my honour to introduce a new project – Pernowka, a limited edition custom made playing cards with the Highland Fauna subtitle.

I’ve spent my childhood in a house on the edge of the forest in the Bohemian Highlands. Then I travelled, lived in big cities, until I finally came back to the hills, back to the Highlands. Surrounded with pine trees, dark pools in the woods, echoes of the strange sounds from afar, I still find an immense amount of inspiration here. Those deep forests and the mysterious stories about anthropomorphic creatures were the main impetus for the creation of this deck. And why the Pernowka title? Pernowka is a meadow hidden in the woods near our house. It’s a place full of rare plant species. It has magical atmosphere.

On my walks in the woods I often meet their inhabitants. Plenty of agile deer and does, hares, wild boars, countless species of birds and all manner of insects became my friends. We share the peace and harmony of these moments when I rest in nature, away from the bustle of the city. These cryptic dialogues with animals gave me many interesting ideas, some of which I have also included the cards, but I will get to it later ;)
Aesthetics of the Highland Fauna card deck refers to a time lost in the past, the old hand-drawn illustrations and illuminations in medieval books, but also to my favourite technique of wood engraving and to the old craft of printing. I could not hide my fondness for antique matchboxes and their specific visual art.
Thanks to blending these inspirational sources together, you can now discover a unique deck of cards, a deck which breathes with mysterious atmosphere of old times and mystical forests and e is handled with precise craftsmanship.

What’s special about these cards is not only their appearance, but the court cards also hide a secret message encrypted in the medieval style. To unlock it, you will need a small mirror. Then you will reveal great wisdom that this or that animal brings to the light from the darkness of the forest.

-52 unique play cards + 2 jokers; everything is done in an original, antique inspired design with a unique style

- Encrypted messages and wisdom in every cards (use a mirror to decipher)
- One spare card for completion if any other card from the deck is lost
- Solid and good old-fashioned looking box with a mysterious imprint inside
- Printed in high quality printing house HraciKarty est. In 1884, one of the best traditional manufacturers in Europe
- Printed on paper ... with varnish ...

Special Accessories

Wooden box - handmade by my uncle, a furniture designer, in a limited edition of 50 pieces.

Poster - original blockprint from Luke Tomski, produced in an edition of 10 pieces, signed and numbered. Hand-etched and subsequently printed either in the light edition - white paper with dark print.

The Uncut – original from factory, with backs, numbered and signed

I would love to thank everyone who helped with this project. It’s not easy for a guy like me to finish something this big on his own. I sincerely appreciate the effort from everyone who assisted me during the deck project and helped with the development. Namely, they are these good people.

Risk and challenges
Luke from Tomski & Polanski studio has been involved in the development of products for several years. As he is also a customer himself, he understands that the designer has responsibility and has to always strive make it best. Therefore, the final result of this enterprise should be product of great aesthetic and craftsmanship value, delivered within the agreed timeframe. It will be mailed from the Central Europe worldwide, and after many years of experience, I guarantee that everything will be produced and organized to your satisfaction. I believe the brand new playing cards from the highlands will bring you joy and a great deal of fun!